Auto Repair

At Stowe Auto & Truck Repair, we are staffed with an experienced auto mechanic team that’s the best in the industry. If you are looking for a trusted mechanic to provide reliable auto repair work, call our shop in Stowe, PA today. Our qualified auto professionals understand that your car is a large investment. Let us service your car and keep you running in the right direction.

At Stowe Auto & Truck Repair, your car is our number one priority. In addition to basic auto repair work, we also offer vehicle maintenance packages as well as suspension repairs, oil changes and quality touch up paint jobs to keep your car in pristine condition. If you are experiencing trouble with your vehicle, or feel that something is just not right, bring it into our shop and let us take a look.

As the chosen auto and truck repair shop in Stowe, PA, our team of ambitious mechanics are dedicated customer service and ready to cater to your automobile needs. Call us today to schedule a service appointment!